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When it comes to defending clients against drug charges, James M. Byrd, Attorney at Law will never judge you. As your drug crime attorney, it's his job to represent you in a court of law and help you through this difficult process. Attorney Byrd offers representation for clients in Mobile, AL and the surrounding area.

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Types of drug charges

There are multiple types of drug charges, so it's important to know what you're up against. Attorney Byrd can help you build your drug charge defense if you're being charged with...

  • Possession. This includes having drugs on your person or property.
  • Trafficking. This includes distributing or the intent to distribute.
  • Manufacturing. This includes producing illegal substances.
If you're facing any of the above charges, you need to speak with a drug crime attorney immediately. Set up an appointment with attorney Byrd by calling 251-438-2973 today.